"The eternel quest for improvement - higher, further, faster..."

Born amongst horses and raised on the showgrounds. Valentine was born on august 22nd 1991 in a family passionate about horses and eventing.

At very young age she already showed her competitive spirit. She started competing with Petit Tonnerre, an experienced pony given to her by the Buchet family. Their debut was in dressage ( competition for the -12 year olds) but they then went on to showjumping and participated on low international level until she was 12. 

Valentine then discovered eventing together with her pony Jumping Jill. Jill hated waterfences, which accounts for Valentine's very determined temperament. 

Thanks to the owners who showed confidence right from the start, such as Mrs de Liedekerke, Mrs Bataille, Mrs Bouillard and, more recently, Mr Frank Guiitard, Valentine has always had the opportunity to ride good ponies and horses and acquire a lot of experience.
However, even more important is the role of her parents who always supported Valentine and helped her to make her dreams come true.

Only 20 years of age, Valentine already participated in 5 European and 6 Belgian Championships ( pony, juniors, young riders).
She is constantly trying to improve and has a never failing motivation to get, one day, to the top.

For the moment Valentine is running her own barn - she specializes in training young horses and bringing experienced horses to the next level.Next to this she is also available for coaching.

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